Many states and some parishes in Louisiana are opting out of the Common Core Standard and today on 'Mornings With Ken and Bernie' Dr. Elizabeth Meyers, an independent education consultant joined the conversation and explained some of the issues surrounding the Standard.

We noted the School Board in St. Tammany Parish had recently passed a resolution striking down the Common Core Standard and Meyers said,

From laws that are put in place there are going to be consequences.  I think it's more symbolic.  I'm not sure the District can actually implement it.  There will be punitive issues to come along.

In addition to concerns about subject matter being taught by those districts adopting the Common Core Standards there are concerns about privacy.  According to Meyers,

I worked at the DOE (Dept. of Education) as an intern back in 2009 and I remember them speaking to the concept of FERPA and a lot of people don't know what FERPA is.  It's the Federal Education Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 which protects personally identifiable student information.  In 2011 the DOE essentially put out a notice that they were going to change these regulations and one of those changes was going to be removing limitations and/or prohibitions of sharing personally identifiable information.

Meyers shared a lot more information about a nationwide data base and data mining of student information which you can hear by taking a listen to the interview: