The key to getting a good job is to have the skills and training that an employer wants. Louisiana's Community and Technical colleges are providing those trained employees in the form of record numbers of graduates over the past few years. These graduates leave school with training in everything from computers to welding to the  medical profession.

Dr. Monty Sullivan is President of Louisiana's Community and Technical College system and he told the Louisiana Radio Network.

I think probably the third or fourth year in a row of record graduates now, that’s quite an accomplishment by our colleges and we’re excited for the people across Louisiana.

Sullivan says that nearly 70% of graduates go directly into the workforce after completing their degree programs. The jobs they are taking are the kind of jobs that provide enough of an income to support and sustain a family.Other graduates are continuing their education at traditional colleges and universities where they can further their knowledge and training.

One of the things that is most impressive about what’s happening in Louisiana’s economy now is we’re becoming much more diverse in the kinds of jobs in the sectors we’re able to support. This record number of graduates really sort of reflects that.

Sullivan says over the past academic year the Louisiana Community and Technical College system, which has campuses across the state, graduated 21-thousand students into the workforce. His office speculates that by the year 2020 the system will need to graduate 40-thousand students annually to keep up with the expected demand of employers.