Jodi Conachen of Community Coffee visited 'Mornings With Ken and Bernie' to invite KPEL NewsJunkie to bring some Louisiana to soldiers serving overseas.

Soldiers often express their desire to have a little bit of home sent to them especially at the holidays and Conachen says everyone can help with Community Coffee's 'Military Match'.  According to Conachen,

We've been doing this informally for about a decade but we formalized the program five years ago where we double orders going to overseas military addresses.  If you have a family member that's overseas and you're mailing them a package, you buy four packs of coffee and we'll send them eight pounds.

We asked how we could participate in the program and Conchen said,

You go to  You buy on line, we validate the military address, double your order and then ship it to your loved one.

We wondered how successful the program has been and Conachen replied,

Over 19,000 pounds of coffee have been shipped so people like their coffee and are taking advantage of the program.

You can listen to the entire interview by clicking the link below: