Last night a meeting of citizens and community leaders was held to talk about what changes need to be made in local schools.  The Community Education Plan Committee concluded that one major issue for elementary schools in Lafayette Parish is that more space is needed.

The members of the committee were able to get wish lists from principals as to what they see as issues in the area.  Those principals said they needed more:

  • Classrooms and classroom space
  • Restrooms
  • Renovations to existing facilities like cafeterias and auditoriums
  • Multipurpose rooms

There are 23 elementary schools in Lafayette Parish, and several committee members said the input from all of those principals should be trusted as these men and women are at these schools every single day, interacting with students, and seeing first hand what students really need most.

The committee members will also be looking at how to fund these ideas.  They have looked at a possible $540 million tax proposal.