One of my favorite late-night guys was Johnny Carson, with Conan now taking that top slot (in my brain, at least).  One of his bits includes taking shots at local media outlets who rely on a news service for some of their content...

What happens is, local news agencies get "national" stories from a service or from their parent company.  Here at the radio station, we get the same type of "prep" service: it usually includes "This Day In History", "Celebrity Birthdays", "Trivia Ideas", "Hollywood", "Strange News" and other headings, all in efforts of making our jobs a little easier.

Conan (well, his staff, actually) goes around and collects video from different 'local' newscasts and scans them to find that one phrase when, repeated over and over by different newscasters, just makes you giggle.

This one includes video from right here in Acadiana; at around 1:38, you'll see my friend Tracy Wirtz from KATC TV3, adding personal style to the story:



Tracy, looking great, as usual!!


(Via Youtube)