I'll give him this, it is ingenious.

Kyle McCabe is a college student that came up with a very unique idea for a business.  In the tradition of finding that unserved segment that has an unfilled need, McCabe created Condam.  That is short for Condom Ambulance.  The basics are that the person ordering places their order by phone or online and McCabe is off to the races to fill the order.  He has two ways of doing the delivery.  The first involves a flashing light on top of a hard hat and the other is a little more discreet.

You could comment on the morality of this business and that is a discussion that is worth having.  Still, you have to honestly look at the way that this college sophomore saw a gap and created a business that took care of a need.  He obviously has the heart of an entrepreneur.  It is the kind of thing that shows that he has some success in his future.  While I'm not sure that delivering contraceptives is a business that will make you independently wealthy, it can provide some pizza money and that's not that bad a thing for a college student.

It does make me wonder if there is some other kind of business that I could have done in my college days.  I don't think that condom delivery would have done really well where I went to college, but there had to have been something.  Talk about missed opportunities!