Until recently I had no idea who Phil Bryant was and now I'm celebrating his name because as governor of Mississippi he will soon sign a law that will prevent cities and counties from limiting portion sizes.  Many in his state are calling Senate Bill 2687 the "anti-Bloomberg" bill but I think it's more-like the "anti-nanny bill".  Not that I have anything against nannies.

Of course New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg scoffed at the Mississippi bill and pointed to the state's obesity and mortality rate as being the worst in the nation.

I agree wholeheartedly with Gov. Bryant.  Yes, Mississippi may have the nations worst obesity rate but i think it's a matter of personal responsibility and above all a matter of choice.  I have certain health issues that might be improved with proper eating and in most cases I do eat better than I did 30 years ago.  But if I want to indulge or even over-indulge in something I crave it is my right to eat what I want.

Mayor Bloomberg sits in his ivory tower and watches over his citizens like a benevolent despot thinking he knows what's best for them and by golly he's going to give it to them!  If I lived in New York City (heaven forbid) I would be more concerned about getting mugged, pushed into the path of a subway train or falling into a pot hole and drowning.  That city has more problems than Mayor Bloomberg can wrap his tiny brain around so he attempts the easiest cure.  Thankfully a New York judge struck down Bloomberg's attempt to minimize the size of sugary drinks.  I don't think Bloomberg has a clue who he's dealing with, New York City citizens!  What makes the Mayor think his citizens will not order two 12 drinks instead of one 16 ounce drink?  Not bad Bloomberg, if your law would have stood the court test people in your town would be buying two instead of one and your recycling volume would increase.

I congratulate Mississippi Gov. Phil Bryant on his stance and raise a 16 ounce glass in toasting him.