$40 million to protect unused, obsolete  M1 Abrams tanks?

$7 million  for grasshopper research?

$300,000 to combat "goth" culture among the nation's youth?

Yes, believe it or not, these are all things that Congress has decided are worth spending our tax dollars on in 2015!

Thankfully though one government organization is vowed to end these wasteful Congressional earmarked spending.

Fox News correspondent Rachael Sutherland joined Rob and Bernie on Acadiana's Morning News Citizens Against Government Waste's 2016 Congressional Pig Book.

The annual publication points out the most egregious examples of earmarked spending that, as the group's Web site puts it, "siphons tax dollars from essential government services."

Click the video below to watch Citizens Against Government Waste President Thomas Shatz's press conference about the release of this year's publication.