Congressman Bill Cassidy joined 'Mornings With Ken and Bernie' from Washington, DC to discuss the delayed implementation of the Affordable Care Act.

According to Congresman Cassidy,

There has been a series of broken promises as regards the President's health care law.  First he said if you wanted to keep your health insurance you could.  That's clearly not working out for many Americans.  That the cost of a family's insurance policy would decrease by $2,500 a year but it's actually increased by maybe by 3,000 a year.  He said that the exchanges would be ready and that everybody would be able to get on line and buy insurance like they were buying car insurance. It's not clear that's going to be ready.

In addition Cassidy said,

They said they (the government) would be able to easily audit businesses to make sure they were in compliance.  They can't do that so they're going to postpone for a year.

Cassidy also said,

I kinda like that they're postponing implementation for a year but I don't like the fact that he's (the President) ignoring the law and I don't like the fact that now they stick the employees because if the employer decides to take a walk on it for a year and not pay a penalty.  What does the employee do because the employee has an individual mandate?

Congressman Cassidy had a lot more to say and you can listen to the entire interview: