Today on 'Mornings With Nathan and Bernie' Congressman Charles Boustany commented on a number of issues including civil unrest in Ferguson, Missouri immigration amnesty and Mayor Don Cravins' recent comments about voting.

In a speech made before the recent general election Opelousas Mayor Don Cravins made a comment about voting again if a person had voted early and went on to claim that if particular person was elected District Attorney charges would never be filed. Cravins said he was joking when he made those comments. To that Boustany said,

It's not a joking matter. The right to vote and the integrity of our electoral system is critically important. People have died around the world for the right to vote. People have died in this country, fact of the matter we have to do everything we can to protect the integrity of our electoral system.

When asked what he thought about the handling of the situation in Ferguson, Missouri Boustany said,

I think the Grand Jury decision ought to be respected. The President himself actually said that but then his own justice department is continuing to push this. The fact of the matter is the Grand Jury has made it's decision and it should be respected.

An audience member called in asked Congressman Boustany for his take on the illegal immigrant issue. Boustany replied,

The President has 'doubled down' and poked everyone in the eye and did this executive action and amnesty, which I fully oppose and we'll do everything we can to deal with it.


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