Today Congressman Charles Boustany called in to visit 'Mornings With Ken Bernie' and voiced his displeasure with the IRS.   According to Congressman Boustany,

I've had the IRS coming to me repeatedly saying they want more resources to hire more people to do more things.  Yet they're not doing their basic job well at this stage.

Adding to his frustration with the IRS Boustany said,

Then I uncovered this crazy 'Star Trek' training video and found that for 15 years they've had a studio costing the IRS $4 million a year...You have to wonder why they have this...You could contract studio space and not have this expense.

Congressman Boustany said he had contacted the head of the IRS who said,

This is wrong and we'll never do it again.

Boustany said he told the IRS they certainly would not be doing this again because he was  going to be all over them watching over every penny the IRS uses.

Congressman Boustany had more comments about cuts to Obamacare, voter registration being collected in applications for healthcare subsidies as well as President Obama continuing to raise money even though he's not eligible to run for re-election.  You can hear more by listening to the interview: