3rd District Congressman Charles Boustany visited 'Mornings With Ken and Bernie' by phone from Washington today and discussed today's Congressional hearing of Health and Human Services Director Kathleen Sebelius about the failure of the Affordable Care Act to launch properly and how the implementation can be stopped permanently.

When asked if Sebelius would be fired because of the Affordable Care Act website failure Congressman Boustany said,

If I could make the call I'd say she needs to go.  She has refused repeatedly to answer questions, not only about what's going on now with Obamacare but on everything we've asked her.  She's talked in circles.  She's duplicitous.  I think she's been untruthful and I think she needs to go.

According to Congressman Boustany,

Whether she stays or not is going to have no future bearing on the success of the implementation of Obamacare because she's done nothing.

We asked Boustany why Obamacare was turning out to be such a dismal failure and he replied,

The whole success of this thing to keep premium costs down is predicated on the fact that young healthy individuals were going to buy into this thing lock, stock and barrel.  A lot of them were going to sign on.  There were going to sign on but at higher premium costs then the money would be shifted to help cover those with other conditions...But young healthy are not signing on because, number one the website is a disaster and tech-savvy young people are not going to put up with that.  Secondly, the premium costs are much higher than Obama and his team had said they would be.

Congressman Boustany had a lot more to say about the problems with Obmacare and what can be done to stop it's full implementation.  You can hear more in the interview: