Congressman Charles Boustany stopped by to visit 'Mornings With Ken and Bernie' today to answer our questions and he fielded phone calls from the NewsJunkie audience as well.

In a recent press release Congressman Boustany stated he was challenging the IRS so we asked him to elaborate.  According to Boustany,

The IRS has been coming to us repeatedly asking us for more resources.  In fact, Secretary of the Treasury Jack Loo had the audacity to ask for one billion dollars more in funding for the upcoming fiscal year and I asked him if there was anything they could do to cut spending and he said no.  This was before we broke the IRS scandal on all this and obviously there is a lot that could be done to cut spending at the IRS.

Spending by the IRS is not the only thing that is upsetting Congressman Boustany.

The other thing is the IRS has been engaged in these intimidation practices singling out conservative groups.  Really asking intrusive, intimidating questions regarding their requests for 501C4 status.  They've embarked on intimidating audits that were politically motivated...We have an agency that is out of control without the proper checks and balances and we're going to rein this thing in.

One of our callers noted he had received a letter from his insurance provider advising him of increasing costs beginning in 2014 to which Congressman Boustany added,

There are projections that if you are young and healthy you may see your premiums double or even triple.  This is one of many problems.    This debate started in early '09 when President Obama first took office.  I started reading the first drafts of the bill and started making predictions about what would happen and everything I have said about this bill has come to pass.  Now you're seeing articles in newspapers claiming 'new revelations'.  No, I knew about this in 2009 and this news broke on this very radio station.

Congressman Boustany answered more questions from our NewsJunkies and had a lot more to say about the IRS, the VA and the Farm Bill which you can hear by listening to the interview: