Congressman Charles Boustany joined 'Mornings With Ken and Bernie' today from Washington and discussed a number of items including:

  • Illegal Immigration
  • Worker Shortages
  • Education of the labor force in Calcasieu Parish
  • Oil and gas industry worker safety in the Mid-East
  • Gun control

On the topic of gun control Congressman Boustany said,

Stricter gun control laws would not have prevented the situation in Connecticut.  That's a mental health issue and it needs to be addressed in that fashion...this was an individual who had a mental health condition that was not properly addressed.

When asked if the Algerian hostage situation would greatly affect American oil companies Boustany responded,

I was recently talking to someone who works for a major oil company who said they were planning a major overhaul of security practices which will drive up their costs.

Listen to the interview: