3rd District Congressman Charles Boustany stopped by to visit 'Mornings With Ken and Bernie' today to answer our questions and to field phone calls from the News Junkie audience as well.

When asked if shutting down the Federal government to defund Obamacare was a good idea Boustany replied,

If you shut down the annual appropriations, that doesn't affect the funding of Obamacare by much.  Maybe half a percent to one percent.  Most of the funding of Obamacare comes from the new taxes that started this year, many start in 2014.  That's about a trillion dollars in funding and the Medicare cuts...If you shut down spending oil permits get delayed further, veterans may not get their benefit checks on time.  This Administration is vindictive.  They will use it as a tool to beat the American people over the head and blame Republicans in Congress.

A KPEL NewsJunkie called in and asked Congressman Boustany to explain why Congress had voted to exclude themselves, their families and members of their staffs from Obamacare.  Congressman Boustany said,

Let me correct you on that.  Congress did not vote on that.  The Administration unilaterally said they would do that...Secondly I am one hundred percent opposed to that.  It's ridiculous.  In fact I'm co-sponsor of a bill that throws everybody, the President, his Cabinet, their staff, everybody in Congress including the leadership, the Supreme Court and their people into Obamacare.... No way, no how.  By God if we're going to have Obamacare everybody is going to have Obamacare.

Veteran's Administration clinics nationwide have faced cuts or been deauthorized and Congressman Boustany has introduced HR 2913 to resolve the issue.  Upon returning to Washington Boustany said,

I'm going after Boehner and Reid.  I'm going after our Committee Chairman...By God our veterans have served and they need care.  I'm sick and tired of the fact that Washington is playing it's usual games on this...I'm going to say to Boehner 'fix the damn problem'.

To hear all of what Congressman Boustany had to say about Obamacare for members of Congress, funding of VA clinics and subsidies for conversion of vehicles to natural gas take a listen to the interview: