Congressman Charles Boustany joined 'Mornings With Ken & Bernie' today and discussed legislation to help those with  Flexible Savings Arrangement and veterans receiving VA healthcare.   Boustany said his proposed legislation would allow people with FSA's to keep up to $500 at the end of any given year.  The present system forfeits all funds in the yearly account if not used.

In addition to House Bill 1004 Boustany introduced House Bill 5858 to help veterans.  Congressman Boustany said,

"This bill is similar to legislation I introduced in 2007 (H.R.2639).  It will remove the rule that prohibits veterans from continuing to save money in their health savings accounts once they receive care through the VA. Veterans with service connected disabilities should be free to save for their families’ health needs.”

Boustany said he's always felt that healthcare was a personal responsibility and his proposed legislation would give the tax payers the tools to provide for their own healthcare.

We asked Boustany why it was taking so long to provide expanded healthcare facilities for veterans in Acadiana and he said a temporary mobile clinic had opened in Lake Charles and progress was being made for a permanent facility in Lafayette.  Boustany said there is a system wide problem with the VA right now in how it does contracting.  They made major mistakes in their own process which have slowed things down.  According to Boustany the VA farmed out the process to state officials that botched the job but he as been assured by the Veterans Administration that things will begin to happened quicker.


Listen to the interview: