Today on 'Mornings With Ken and Bernie' Congressman Dr. Bill Cassidy was asked what he thought of President Obama saying we don't have a spending problem.  Cassidy replied,

He actually said we have a healthcare problem.  In that case Mr. President then why did you just expand healthcare entitlements with money from Medicare.  Even if you accept him at his word you have to be thinking 'man, what are you thinking'?

Congressman Cassidy went on to say,

The President is so much into his own thinking he can't step back and say 'let's be objective about this'.

When asked about growing the economy Cassidy replied,

The American people are greater than even the President of the United States and so I'm always optimistic.  A huge problem we have is how do we create jobs for blue collar workers instead of people who don't have PHDs in solar engineering.  The President seems to ignore them at times.  We can look in South Louisiana where those jobs are being created it's just they are being created in oil and gas which is inconvenient for the President since he doesn't like oil and gas.


Listen to the interview: