Today marks the ninth anniversary since Hurricane Katrina made landfall along Louisiana's coast taking with it hundreds of lives and over a billion dollars of property in Southeast Louisiana.

Lafayette Congressman Charles Boustany says Louisiana has endured and will continue to do so.

About today's anniversary Boustany had this to say in a press release:

“Nine years ago, the state of Louisiana endured one of the worst natural disasters in modern American history, driving thousands of families from their homes and causing unprecedented damage to our coast. The people of Louisiana took this as an opportunity to showcase our grit and determination to the world. By working together, we emerged stronger and more united than before, setting the stage for the economic prosperity that has made our state a shining example to the rest of the country."

Boustany adds that he was proud to have worked with the entire Louisiana delegation to rebuild our state after the devastation.

Officials says more 1,800 died in the New Orleans area due to levee breaks and the flooding that followed.

After calculating all the damage, officials say that there was more than a billion dollars worth of damage in Louisiana and Mississippi.