Louisiana Representative Jeff Landry is lashing back at the Obama administration over proposed regulations to oversee the process of hydraulic fracturing on federal land.

The Department of the Interior introduced new rules Friday that would require oil companies to get prior approval before beginning fracking operations as part of the application process.

"As soon as energy prices fall ever so slightly," Landry said, "the Obama administration goes into attack mode with more regulations and government red tape."

In a major concession to the industry, the DOI's Bureau of Land Management would require companies to reveal the chemicals used in the fracking process after operations were completed. The Obama administration had originally pushed for this information to be revealed beforehand.

Under the proposed rule changes, operators would also have to submit additional information about the geologic formations they are operating in, as well as provide specifications of the well being drilled in order to ensure the protection of water sources.

Operators would also have to provide disposal plans for recovered fluids, conduct mechanical integrity tests to ensure wells can handle the pressures expected of them during the fracking process, and store recovered pits in tanks, as is currently the industry practice.

"I will continue to fight against the President’s ridiculous regulations, burdensome rules that come with not one shred of evidence from the EPA showing fracking harming the environment," Landry said.

The proposals will soon enter a 60-day comment period.