Jeff Landry United States Congressman


The House figures to move quickly to approve a short-term government spending extension this week. A threatened government shutdown was averted this week when the Senate agreed to a bipartisan compromise and approved the stopgap funding measure.

Congressman Landry joined "Mornings With Ken and Bernie" to talk about what is happening with the ongoing budget issues.  Landry says he can't believe the issues continue, but knew that they would as the administration has not been serious enough with their measures to cut spending.  Landry says even President Obama's current move to work on getting his proposed jobs bill passed is another example of a President that does not want to listen to what the country needs, and is not giving the country what it wants.  Congressman Landry believes cutting spending is the answer to getting our economy moving again.

Congressman Landry also spoke with Ken and Bernie about a new program for small business owners to be heard.  He says it givers owners a chance to voice their opinions on how the government is helping or hurting your small business.  The "Open Mic" interactive website gives you the chance to communicate directly with the House Small Business Committee.

Landry says the forum encourages blog-type comments and testimonials from small business owners across the country concerning government policies, and allows participants to comment on Committee news, legislation, hearing information, and stories that relate to small business growth and development.

He says those comments will be used by the Committee. Go to for more information.