Congress has been called back to Washington and we keep hearing about the fiscal cliff.  But is it something to be worried about?  Congressman Jeff Landry joined us on the Afternoon Drive Home and talked about his perspective about the issue.   When asked just how serious this is, Landry said,

Sometimes you wonder if this whole issue of the fiscal cliff isn't like a 6 foot man claiming he was drowning in 3 feet of water.  If he'd just stand up, he'd recognize that he wouldn't be drowning.

Landry pointed out that every year for the past three that Congress has given a crisis to the American people for Christmas.  He also spread the blame around to both Democrats and Republicans.  Landry also said that this ends up being a game of kick the can down the road.  He said that the problem with doing that is that you find out that you can't kick the can very far.  Landry added,

Every time you kick the can, it gets heavier.  So the next time you go to kick it, it won't go as far.

When asked about his future plans, Landry mentioned that he plans on returning home, doing some hunting and enjoying Mardi Gras.  He also mentioned that he plans on staying active and letting his voice be heard.

Listen to the entire conversation with Congressman Jeff Landry below: