Congressman Jeff Landry has submitted a revision to the CLEAR act that could potentially give Americans hundreds of new jobs. The Jones act is a statute passed in 1920 that helps regulate United States Maritime trade. The statue basically gives Americans the exclusivity of oil and gas production in the offshore continental shelf, but fails to mention any other types of energy production.

To put it simply, the Jones act covers oil and gas, while the CLEAR act covers alternative energies. The revision of the CLEAR act would add offshore alternative energy production to the exclusivity of American use, such as wind energy. Wind energy is more important than one might think, considering the power of the wind on the open ocean. Wind turbines would be built on the open ocean and the power collected by them would be tranported to US soil.

KPEL spoke to Jeff Landry's office this morning to get more details. A bill representative claims that this bill has the potential to not only create jobs, but is a great addition for American alternative energy useage.