Today edition of "Winging It Wednesday" featured only Carol Ross and Warren Caudle as Mike Stagg was out due conflict with his schedule.  The two panelists today has very stern words about the proposed Lafayette Parish Public School's property tax and the Consolidation/Deconsolidation issue, but were pretty quiet on the Chris Christie issue.

When Carol Ross and Warren Caudle were asked about what they thought of Chris Christie's, New Jersey Governor, announcement that he would not seek the presidential office, they both were really not surprised.

The conversation with our panelists got much more lively though when a caller phoned in to ask each of the panelists what they thought of the proposed property millage increase for school buildings and maintenance within the Lafayette Parish Public School system.  Both Ross and Caudle  did not agree with that idea.

In reference to whether or not the Parish of Lafayette should deconsolidate, the two were pretty firm with their answers, and each gave their own interpretation of why they think it is not a good idea: