This week on "Wingin' It Wednesday", panelist Carol Ross, Mike Stagg, and Warren Caudle joined "Nathan and Bernie in the Morning" to discuss the 14 amendments that will be on the ballot in the upcoming election as well as the so called "witch hunt" surrounding the LPTFA.

Here's what the panel had to say:

1. Another 14 amendments will be on the ballot.  Some have sugguested again that it is time for a Constitutional Convention? What do you think?

Warren Caudle started us off:

This thing is so convoluted. The Louisiana Constitution is something like 600 pages long while the United States Constitution is something like 100 pages long. I think something better can come out than what we have right now. There’s so much that we vote on that seems like it should be left up to the legislature.

Mike Stagg posited:

I don’t think we need a constitutional convention, we need to learn what the constitution is for. The reason we have a problem is that you can’t cut anything in the budget except higher education and health care. It’s bad budget policy. That’s the prime squeeze we have right now.
We have a great bill of rights in our current Louisiana Constitution. I don’t think we could get that if it was up to the current legislatures. There’s too much special interest.

Carol Ross added:

I agree on not having a constitutional convention now. The legislature could handle a lot of this. Most of these amendments could be handled locally or in other ways. I’m okay we 3 and 7, but the rest of them are totally wrong in my opinion. It’s the legislature continually abdicating their responsibility.


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2. What do you think of the so called "witch hunt" surrounding the LPTFA?

Carol started us off:

If you looked at that audit, anybody who read that audit, wow. They left out so much. Last week our parish-president said those of us who questioned the LPTFA were on a witch hunt. Well so was the legislative auditor and so was the ethics board. Go back to the published reports when none of the LPTFA members on the board raised any questions. It’s so sad that an agency that had done good and continues to do good has sullied their reputation in this way.

Warren posited:

If it was a witch hunt then I dare say we’ve uncovered several witches. This thing is huge. This goes back to at least 2009 when they went in there and bought that Studio 114 property.
Where did the money go, who got it, and the big point is why wasn’t it in the audit. The reason it was not in the audit was that somebody, probably the witches, didn’t want it in the audit.


Mike concluded:

There’s more than just suspicion dealing with the history of this group. They have a long history of self dealing. Anytime you don’t include something in a regularly scheduled audit it raises questions. Their previous record leaves no question that they are open to that kind of self dealing.
They are pretty much unchecked. It’s a dangerous situation anytime you don’t have checks and balances. They don’t understand the environment that they live in.

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