Based on data from the Louisiana Workforce Commission, 1.9 million people have a jobs in this state. That's an increase of 12,000 from a year ago. LSU economist Dr. Loren Scott says because of an industrial boom in Lake Charles and Baton Rouge, the construction sector is doing well.

"And so if you are with Performance Contractors, Turner Industries, Cajun Industries, they are really having a boom time right now," Scott said.

The state workforce commission says 155,000 people work in construction, which is an all-time high for Louisiana. But Scott anticipates a lag in employment next year.
"Because a number of these projects are nearing completion and so you're going to see a lot of pick up trucks leaving those sites and not coming back again," Scott said.
Scott says the employment situation has improved in the oil and gas industry areas like Lafayette and Houma, but job losses are still continuing. He says employment gains continue in two other areas of the state.
According to the latest numbers from the Louisiana Workforce Commission, the Lake Charles area has gained 5,700 jobs over the year, while Baton Rouge gained 3,600.