Update: The Lafayette Police Department has decided to stop issuing tickets for the next few weeks as drivers continue to adjust to not making left turns at the intersection of Verot School Road and Camellia Boulevard/Artesian, according to our news partners at KATC.

DOTD is also putting up more signage to left drivers know of the traffic change.


Lafayette Police officers are not allowing drivers to make left turns at the intersection of Verot School Road and Camellia Boulevard/Artesian.

Police officers say the left turns are backing up traffic on Verot because of construction and they are writing tickets to people who disobey their orders. Spokesman Corporal Paul Mouton says they are trying to keep people safe.

A KPEL listener points out a sign is posted next to the light but says that people are confused because it’s out of the norm for that route.

Cpl. Mouton told KPEL News there's been no timetable given for how long this will last.