There is probably plenty of shopping you have done, and you might have plenty more to do, but how do you know if the toys you are buying for your kids are safe?  There are many ways to get information, but here is the latest from World Against Toys Causing Harm.

The website, gives plenty of great information from the group about the latest toys that have some issues.     

The watchdog group for consumers is out with its top ten list of dangerous toys.  Here are some of the things that made the list:

  • A Power Rangers "samurai mega blade"
  • A Godzilla figure with dagger-like attachments

Those two toys, the group reports, are among the worst offenders according to World Against Toys Causing Harm.  The Boston-based group known as WATCH also included:

  • the "Z-Curve Bow"
  • a "Fold & Go Trampoline"

writing that those two toys on its annual list could lead to injury.  The group said toys on this year's list pose risks for choking, puncture wounds and even electrocution.  Parents can find the complete list of worst toys for 2011 online at