LAFAYETTE, La. (KPEL) -- Lafayette City-Parish Council member Kenneth Boudreaux pulled from Tuesday night's agenda an item that would have dissolved the current membership of the Lafayette Public Trust Finance Authority and sought to replace the voluntary board with new members.

Boudreaux cited a lack of requested information by the start of the meeting as the reason for the move, but he vowed "we are not going silent."

In a statement before the council, Boudreaux apologized for any "negative effect" and "undue attention" brought to anyone affected by media coverage and conversation surrounding the controversial agenda item.

The LPTFA has been mired in controversy since the release of an independent legislative audit that criticized the board for its lack of ethics training and its failure to draft a budget, among other things.

Boudreaux had filed a resolution last week calling for the dissolution of the LPTFA, calling the practices leading to the results of the independent audit as having a "pervasive effect on all areas of an entity's operations and financial reporting."

"The Lafayette City-Parish Council has dealt with this issue in the past," Boudreaux wrote in the pulled resolution, "and the end result was the removal of the entire board."

Boudreaux was evidently referring to the dissolution in 2010 of the Lafayette Housing Authority, which also received criticism from the independent legislative auditor.