Let me see if I have this straight.  American Taliban John Walker Lindh is serving 20 years in a maximum security American prison for supplying services to the now-defunct Taliban government of Afghanistan and transporting explosives for them.  Today, this convicted Taliban member will testify in federal court in a lawsuit challenging limits on group prayer placed on Muslims who are incarcerated with him.

John Walker Lindh and others claim that restrictions placed on their group prayer time violate their religious rights.  Currently those Taliban inmates are allowed to have group prayers once a week.  All of this causes me to scratch my head and wonder about the rights of the Christians and other Muslims that Taliban members kill.  The man is in prison for helping to kill non-believers and now he wants more freedom to practice his religion.  At what added financial cost are we providing security to let these terrorists meet once a week?  What will the cost be to provide the added security for daily group prayers?

I really don't think we should waste any more money on these convicted Taliban terrorists.  They killed, plotted to kill or helped plot to kill innocent people of all faiths.  They kill indiscriminately without regard to ace, race, color or religion.  They just want to kill for world domination and I think they are no different than Nazi Germany.  They just have not totaled the number of deaths caused by the Nazis.  I'm sure if the opportunity presents itself Taliban terrorist such as John Walker Lindh and his compatriots will have no compunction against killing more Christians, Jews, Buddhists and followers of any other religion.

Should John Walker Lindh and his fellow convicted inmates have the right to worship in their cells?  I think they should be allowed to pray like followers of any other religion.  I don't think they should be able to drive up the cost of their incarceration by demanding group prayer which will demand more security.  I certainly don't think my federal tax dollars should be used to comfort their alleged souls.

The ACLU is arguing that the U.S. Government cannot restrict religious activities unless there is a compelling need.  I wonder why the ACLU doesn't apply this same argument to all of their anti-Christian endeavors?

The name of the ACLU is "American Civil Liberties Union" so I question why they should be allowed to argue this case and others that involve Taliban terrorists.  They are not Americans!

If these terrorists want religious freedom they can wait until their release dates and practice their religion to it's fullest when they get back to Afghanistan or wherever else they came from.