It's not what you think.  What it is, is eating and using organically raised or natural foods.  Personal Chef Jon Soileau talked about the benefits of grass fed beef, free range chickens or heritage pork and other things.

Soileau defined the idea of organically raised and natural food as a situation where animals are raised in a setting that is what they were born to be.  Soileau cautioned,

In grocery stores your going to find a lot of times that people are putting that on packaging in order to sell products because it is the in thing to do.  But a lot of places are being allowed to do that.

Soileau said that those that are organically raised generally have a great flavor.  Still, he said that the fat content on beef sometimes makes things good or bad, regardless of being organically raised.

Soileau mentioned that you need to look for local sources.  That includes slaughterhouses and places that specialize in organically raised food.

Listen to the complete conversation with Jon Soileau below: