Lafayette Superintendent Pat Cooper received an 'unsuccessful' rating following his recent evaluation conducted by members of the school board. Cooper received a score of 3.54 out of 8, with 8 being the highest.

The 'negative' score could potentially allow the board to move forward with the termination process, however Board President Hunter Beasley says that's not likely to happen at this time.

"At this point, I'm not considering starting up a termination process based on his evaluation scores," Beasley said.

The board evaluated Cooper in 5 categories: policy and governance, planning, leadership, organization, professionalism and communication and community relations.

Cooper's scores were:

  • Policy and governance: 3.416
  • Planning: 3.361
  • Instructional Leadership: 3.682
  • Organizational Management: 3.428
  • Community Relations: 3.361
  • Professionalism: 4

Cumulative score breakdowns by board member ranged greatly:

  • Bouillion, Cobb and Cockerham: 8
  • Hunter Beasley: 3.11
  • Greg Awbrey: 1.39
  • Rae Trahan: 1.07
  • Mark Babineaux and Tommy Angelle: 0.93
  • Themi Chassion: 0.21