Fun to be had by all at the King's Court Costume Contest in Lafayette.  That was what Kate Durio promised when she stopped by the Afternoon Drive Home to talk about it today.  Durio told us that this is really a party for all ages.

We have lots of different age classifications from preschool up to there is something for everyone.

The theme of the event is treasures of the earth, but Durio says that could be a broad definition for costumes.

But, that is not all that you will see if you are looking for family friendly events on Mardi Gras.  Durio suggested some other ideas.

You are able to come to our costume contest, watch the Gabriel parade, also from Parc Sans Sousi, and then you can head up two blocks up to Parc Putnam where the family friendly Mardi Gras festival is happening.  And that is alcohol and tobacco free event.

The costume contest is taking place starting at 9am at Parc Sans Sousi and people taking part should be there before 9am to take part.

Listen to the entire conversation with Kate Durio below: