So it's that time of year again, when the folks in the media like me are warning you about washing your hands, and the CDC is telling us there is a spike in flu cases in Louisiana already this year, so what are we to do?  Maybe, we hit the brew!

Fox News reported on a study from Sapporo Breweries of Tokyo.  According to the report they found that,

"a key ingredient in beer can help fend off symptoms of wintertime illnesses, as well as certain serious sicknesses in children.  According to researchers at Sapporo Medical University, the compound humulone is effective in fighting against respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) – which can cause pneumonia and bronchitis in infants and children, as well as cold-like symptoms in adults.  Humulone is found in hops, an ingredient used in beer to give it a bitter taste."

I knew it!  Beer is healthy!!!!!!!!!!!  Oh, wait there is always a downside to everything!  The article goes on to say, " The amount of humulone in beer is so small that a person would have to drink about 30 cans of beer in order to get its protective effect."  Woo-hoo!!! More brew!!! Seriously, though, that is a bummer.  I can't drink that much beer, and let's face it, no one should be drinking that much beer at one time.

Here is what I think, ( I know, this is where you yawn ) if you want to have a beer a day, go for it!  Just don't drink and drive.  And if they can isolate this humulone, and it really does ward of terrible illnesses, then that is great!  Maybe we should all invest some stock in this Japanese beer company!

I just think we should spend some money on this to check out what other things beer can cure.  I mean, hey, if people get better looking when you put your "beer goggles on", and we seem to worry a little bit less about all the government does to us, then already beer is clearly a cure for what ails us! or "ales" us! Either way, do it responsibly, and let's hope the federal government doesn't regulate beer.  Can you imagine having to go up the pharmacy to get a six pack?