So do you think you're tough?

You may know the answer to that right away if you are in the military, you are a boxer, a football player or some other "tough" person.  I know I am not a tough person. I whimper in the face of a paper cut.  Okay, so maybe I am not that bad, but hey I hate pain, so when I hear the story about this guy from Utah, I thought for sure I knew I would not make it through what he went through. reports that Daniel Samuelsen spent four days stuck in a drainage pipe.  He had been hiking, slipped on a steep incline, broke his leg and was just stuck there.
Can anyone hear the panic now in my typing?  I would cry like a little girl who just had someone steal her bag of Halloween candy!

How did this Daniel Samuelsen do it?  Maybe it would be different if I knew I needed to stay sane to stay alive.  That's what he had to do.  He used cardboard he found as a splint, and he finally pulled himself up near the highway.  It took him hours to flag someone down.  A off-duty paramedic ( thank God for first responders ) stopped to help Samuelsen in the car and drove him to the hospital.

He told Fox13now, "I heard the crack," he said. "I knew my leg was broken."

Quoting the story from Fox 13 now, "While in the tunnel, often used by hikers to cross a roadway, he went in and out of consciousness. He was without food or water and contemplated suicide. Between the pain in his leg and lack of nutrients, Samuelsen said he knew time was running out."

Wow!  I hope I am that brave someday if something scary like that ever happens to me.  What would you do?  I know I would have to fight the fear and pain to get out.  What a fight!

He told, "I'm willing to break my other leg just to get out of there," he said. "Because I don"t want to die in here."

The hospital says the leg may have to be amputated.

I wish this guy the best of luck, and I sure hope I can learn from his story.