Youngsville City Councilman Ken Ritter joined 'Mornings With Ken and Bernie' today to discuss the proposed land use and development plan.   On Thursday April 11, 2013 the Youngsville City Council will vote on a comprehensive land-use plan and according to Ritter,

It's a great exciting time for us because it's really the first time we've taken a comprehensive look at how we're growing and making certain that new development doesn't adversely impact the existing developments that may be adjacent.

Ritter said,

It doesn't look like growth in Youngsville will be stopping.  As you know we have a 70 acre sports complex that will be completed later this year and our kids will be playing ball on those fields this time next year...The most responsible thing I can do as a councilman working with our mayor and administration is making sure that the impact of this growth doesn't adversely affect residents that have lived there for generations.

According to Ritter,

The plan doesn't tell you what you can't do with your property but it simply tells you to be mindful of what your neighbor has there already.  We can do that through planning green spaces, buffer zones, fences and tree planting.

Ritter had a lot more to say about the plan which you can hear by listening to the interview: