The word came down yesterday for the Obama Administration that the courts say they have overstepped their bounds.  A federal appeals court overturned some recess appointments that the President made when the Senate was not actually in recess.

It was a move that many protested at the time and now those that were appointed to the particular board that the case surrounds are now, no longer members of that board.  While it was a limited case, it does have some constitutional impact as the President has done a lot of this kind of thing while being President.

I will readily admit that both the President and those that oppose him have been using things in a political way.  It is political that Republicans in the Senate kept the Senate in session while they were on a break to keep Obama from making the appointments and then it was political that Obama made the appointments.  In the end, it was all for naught for the Administration.

The ultimate thing that needs to take place is that the two sides need to slow down and actually work together.  This is what the country expects and this is not the first time that the nation has elected a divided government.  The thinking on the part of the people is that both sides can bring their views to the table.  The ultimate goal is that things move ahead in a moderate way so that nothing too liberal or too conservative move forward.  All of that has broken down as the President tries to force his will on America through appointments like this and suspect executive orders.  That said, while things need to happen in a more conservative way, those on the conservative side need to be able to listen to others and see if there are ways to work together.  Without that nothing gets done.  When nothing gets done, we end up with what we have now.  Lots and lots of frustration and a really low Congressional rating and not too good ratings for the President.

If they are smart they will learn to work together.  What will actually happen is four more years of fighting to exhaustion.