Remember the game between St. Paul's and Mandeville where two referees were arrested after having a disagreement with police?

Well, the arresting officer has been suspended and demoted after an investigation. reports Stephen Short has been suspended for ten working days without pay and demoted from Lieutenant to Sergeant.  And, he must pass a fitness-for-duty evaluation before he can return to work.

Police Chief Mike Lentz said Short violated more than one policy with his actions on Friday, Oct. 11 when he and then-interim Chief Jack West arrested the two officials on public intimidation charges.  The arrest occurred after the referees asked Short to move Mandeville fans who they said were too close to the sidelines.  An argument ensued and the officials were arrested, causing a delay of twenty minutes in the game, won by St. Paul's, 20-3.

Just days after the arrest, Lentz and Covington Mayor Mike Cooper announced charges against the officials were being dropped and a public apology was issued.  Lentz said the officers had violated department policies.