Last week I had the opportunity to fly in a small plane from Lafayette to Marksville and, along the way, we noticed an interesting design on a pond near Marksville.

Photo by John Falcon

At first, it looked like a plus sign, but upon closer inspection, it appears to be a cross (the crucifix kind) over a curve-shaped piece of land. I don't recognize the symbol, if they are both supposed to be read together.

Photo by John Falcon

Is the pond on a ranch or a farm, and that is the brand for the ranch/farm?

Is it part of a family crest? Are the symbols  supposed to be read independently of each other?

What is it?

The closest community we could find (using the GPS) was Le Moyen

Photo by John Falcon


I wonder if the pond was built by the same people who built the fleur de lis ponds!??!