NEW ORLEANS (AP) — The Orleans Parish District Attorney's office say a New Orleans man, who had been looking at a mandatory 20-years-to-life sentence for taking $31 worth of candy last year, will instead serve two years in prison.

District Attorney Leon Cannizzaro's office told The New Orleans Advocate a plea deal with Jacobia Grimes was stuck Wednesday.

Cannizzaro's office last month filed a "multiple bill" against Grimes, seeking to sentence him as a four-time or "quad" offender following his conviction under a state law that makes felons of repeat petty thieves. That left Grimes facing 20 years to life, although Cannizzaro had earlier insisted that shoplifters "will not be doing 20-year sentences" under his watch.

Miles Swanson, an attorney for Grimes, described negotiations in which "both sides came to the table and worked hard" on a deal.

(Information from: The New Orleans Advocate,


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