Now it gets interesting.  So many Republicans have been mentioned as a possibility against Democratic Senator Mary Landrieu.  She is definitely a target for the GOP and you can expect to see a lot of money flowing into the state from national circles as Republicans look to pick up the seat and Democrats fight to keep it.

Now a new name has been thrown into the mix and its one that you would not expect.  Lt. Governor Jay Dardenne has been pondering a run, according to some sources.  Dardenne is intriguing in that position because he has sought and won 4 different statewide races since 2006.  That is what you call a winning record.  To have his name in the mix is definitely intriguing.

But, will he give up on the idea of running for Governor?  That is a tough one.  David Vitter has been looking at the idea of coming back to the state to run for Governor and there will need to be a tough competitor in 2015 when Bobby Jindal's term runs out.  The rumors are that a totally different Landrieu could be running for the Governor's office in New Orleans Mayor Mitch Landrieu.

Still, there needs to be a strong candidate to take on Mary Landrieu and you have to ask if Jay Dardenne fits the bill.  Some would say yes and others would say no.  All told, it makes the race next year that much more interesting.