New data from insuranceQuotes finds Louisianans who bundle their auto and home insurance could save an average of nearly 600 dollars a year. Senior insurance analyst Laura Adams says if you own a home and are a driver in the Bayou State, you can save about 19% on insurance. She says the key to getting these savings is,

“Shop it as a bundle. Find out what you can get from your company to get both of those policies bundled together. Your company is likely going to give you a discount that is approaching this amount or could even be more.”

Adams says bundling is an easy way to consumers to save money without sacrificing quality. She says the bundle rates vary from state to state.

“Providers in the state of Louisiana have the ability to give higher discounts for the bundling discount offered to their customers so it really just depends on the state where you live.”

Adams says it’s a good idea to shop around with different providers. She also recommends getting quotes from your agent about how much you’d save versus if you bought a standalone policy.

“And really it’s just a matter of asking them to bundle. If they don’t know that you’re interested in a bundle and that you don’t need renters or homeowners insurance. If they don’t know that you also have those policies, they can’t quote you.”