Today's edition of Winging It Wednesday with Warren Caudle, Mike Stagg and Carol Ross was one that generated several telephone calls.  One of the hottest topics of the show had to do with the showdown between Republicans and President Obama over the debt ceiling.

Warren Caudle was expressive about his view on the debt ceiling.  Caudle says it was more than four decades ago that automatic increases in spending were approved by Congress, and that has led to our budget trouble.  Mike Stagg, Democrat, says that it is due to spending for the wealthy and their tax breaks that have bankrupted America.  His comments got a solid respons from Carol Ross and many phone calls.

Several callers wanted to know how Stagg could say that adding more spending we turn into prosperity for America.  Other callers noted their frustration with the ongoing spending, and still others said they don't believe that spending more is going to help anyone who currently needs help from the federal government.