Local cable subscribers got quite the surprise recently when it was discovered that monthly cable rates will soon be increasing. Lafayette Chief Administrative Officer Dee Stanley dropped by “Nathan and Bernie in the Morning” to discuss LUS Fiber's rate increases and why he says customers should not be quick to unsubscribe.

"I would put fiber up against any other competitor relative to rate increase," explained Stanley. "It’s unfortunate, but it’s related in general to programing."

The local rate increases, Stanley says, are the result of increased costs at the programming level. These costs are not affecting LUS Fiber alone; Cox Cable also recently announced a rate increase, something Stanley urges LUS Fiber customers to consider before canceling their service.

I will tell you that certainly you have to do what’s best for you. We as a government program, we do not take rate increases lightly at all. - Dee Stanley

Stanley says the negotiations for programing are intricate and complex, but he's open to discuss any concerns customers may have.

Fiber cares about you. Do not cancel that product without doing your research. We appreciate you as a customer and you own the company. - Dee Stanley

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