Dee Stanley, Chief Administrative Officer for Lafayette Consolidated Government joined 'Mornings With Ken & Bernie' for Parish President Joey Durel.  According to Stanley, Durel was in Washington DC to accept a partnership with the US government based on LUS Fiber.  This will involve Lafayette as being part of a Living Lab over the next five years to facilitate better healthcare.

Stanley said,

"Using 'fiber to the home' as a backbone, Lafayette would be a test bed.  This would involve next-generation networks, apps.  More importantly it brings together the community, the university, education, business, healthcare leaders all will be joining forces over the next five years to achieve this goal and the Living Lab will be a kind of a community test-bed for healthcare innovators".

We asked Stanley to update us on the status of the law suit brought by nine Lafayette City Police officers against Consolidated Government, the police department and Chief of Police Jim Craft.  In addition Stanley provided information about a $20,000 pledge from Consolidated Government to the town of Broussard for fire protection.  You can hear those answers and more by listening to the interview with Dee Stanley.