Congressman Charles Boustany

The United States House of Representatives yesterday took what some say was a crucial vote for the future of our country yesterday.  Others disagree, but for different reasons.  The House voted 269 to 161 for a deal to prevent a default crisis.  7th District Congressman Charles Boustany explains why he voted in favor of the measure.

Today the Senate votes on a measure to avert a default crisis.  Yesterday, with the Louisiana delegation, Representatives Richmond, Alexander, Boustany and Cassidy voted "yes," while Fleming, Landry and Scalise voted "no."

Boustany says one of the reasons he voted "yes" for the measure is because this is about paying for commitments already made, he worries interest rates would shoot up without passage of the measure, and he says letting America default on what it already owes would be a drastic mistake.

Boustany was asked about what happens from this point on, and he explains that there are many crucial votes still to come in the next several months.  Boustany also answered questions from audience members.