Yesterday, some members of Louisiana's Congressional delegation said "yes" to the legislation aimed at avoiding a default, while others said they just could not vote for the measure.  Jeff Landry was one of the Congressman who did not agree with passing the measure.

The members of Louisiana's delegation voted as follows:  Representatives Richmond, Alexander, Boustany and Cassidy voted "yes," while Fleming, Landry and Scalise voted "no."

The U-S House voted 269 to 161 for a deal to prevent a default crisis. 3rd District Congressman Jeff Landry says he could not vote for the bill because he believes it does not go far enough in cutting spending. 

Today the Senate votes on a measure to avert a default crisis.  This morning on "Mornings With Ken & Bernie" Landry explained to listeners why he voted "no."  Landry says he believes this measure would "leave the door open" for heavy taxation, and do little to curb the government's habit of spending whether we have money or not.  Landry says he is really disturbed by the fact their is no guarantee that this measure will ensure the eventually government would have to balance the budget.