Deidre Druilhet with the DOTD joined Brandon and Bernie on Acadiana's Morning News to discuss progress on the widening of Verot School Road, as well as upcoming informational meetings for the LA 31 project in St. Martinville and the Lafayette Connector project.

Druilhet updated listeners on the current status of the Verot School Road widening project

We’re in phase 1 of the Verot School widening, which includes lots of clearing and removing and drainage, and we’re soon going to kick off phase 2, which is the actual widening of the road. I encourage the public to visit for information about lane closures in regards to the project.

Druilhet also discussed the informational meetings regarding two other high profile projects, the LA 31 bypass in St. Martinville and the Lafayette Connector

The LA 31 project meeting is Thursday, January 21 from 5 – 7 PM at the St. Martinville Magnolia Rec Center. It’s about a proposed new highway that would serve as a bypass for the existing LA 31 route through St. Martinvillle.

Saturday is the Community Vision and Values Workshop, the first big public event for the Lafayette Connector project. The day will include a chance for the public to engage with the engineers and others working on the project. There will also be breakout sessions as well that the public can attend regarding the corridor alignment and the environmental process. It’s an opportunity for the public to share with us how they would like to see the project develop. The workshop is from 9 – 12 at the Progressive Community Outreach Center at 125 Galian Street in Lafayette. This is the people’s project and we want to hear from them.

Druilhet encourages anyone with questions about meetings or projects to call her at 262 - 6100 or visit the DOTD website.