Denise, if you're out there—give us a "sign."

That is an actual comment under a photo posted by Ross Fontenot that has many Lafayette residents wondering: Who is Denise, and why is someone seemingly begging for her forgiveness?

Did someone cheat on Denise? Did someone betray her trust?

What ever happened, someone is going above and beyond to let Denise know they are sorry, and at least three signs have popped up over the last few days in the Holden Heights area behind Mel's Diner.


There was even another sign posted in a busier area on Bertrand drive.


What may be more entertaining than the intriguing nature of these signs are the comments under the photo on Facebook. Cayson Aycock poses a great question about the sign directly above that asks for Denise's forgiveness.

I'm just curious if Denise may be responsible for the missing cat..

Taking the speculation of a Chloe The Cat/Denise connection one step further, Will Kellner proposed a theory that may be highly unlikely, but sounds like the perfect plot for a Straight to VHS cult classic.

One possibility that we have neglected is that Chloe the Cat is the sign-creator and forgiveness-seeker. Perhaps, on one sunny day, Chloe decided to blow Holden Heights for the world beyond. For days, Denise, upset and despondent, hung signs around the neighborhood. Chloe, now watching from a distance, taught herself to write and began begging for forgiveness. First on regular 8/12 x 11" paper, but soon moving to poster boards. Chloe knows she can never go back, but at least she can try to make things right with Denise.

Maybe, this is all the manifestation of guilt by an emotionally unavailable cat.

The comments will only get better as time goes on, but will this mystery person ever earn Denise's forgiveness? Will Denise ever know how sorry they are—and if so, will the apology be enough to rectify whatever wrongdoing has provided us with this ridiculous local enigma?

Only time will tell, but until then... Denise, if you're out there—please give us a sign.