The clown prince of basketball, former NBA great Dennis Rodman continues his so-called 'basketball diplomacy' with another visit to North Korea.

What does Rodman hope to accomplish other than humiliate America?

Unless you are a US diplomat or former President Bill Clinton a US citizen cannot fly directly to North Korea so Rodman flies to Beijing, China and then to North Korea.  So, to get around flying directly to one communist country he flies to another first.

After that circuitous route Rodman and his group of has-been basketball stars will play a game of basketball against a group of North Koreans to entertain Kim Jung Un for his birthday.  Lovely.  Travel around the world, thumb your nose at your government and it's people as well as all the people who have been tortured and killed by this maniacal little monster and his father and grandfather before him.

Rodman says it's not his place to be concerned about those human rights violations.  He's just there to entertain his 'friend'.  He 'love's' the guy.  Wow!  What's not to love.  He and his ancestors have kept his people in bondage for almost all of the twentieth century and all of the twenty first century.  Most of his people don't earn a living wage, die at a young age without medical care and malnourishment.  Of course some of the lucky inner-circle folks like his uncle who happen to cross him can get killed by either machine gun fire or a pack of starving dogs depending on which news story you prefer to believe.  What a loving little guy!

I don't get the motivation behind Rodman's behavior and I don't really care but I think when he returns he should be locked up for fraternizing with the enemy.

If he loves the little freak that much let him stay there until the little guy with the bad haircut tires of him and has him shot.

In addition to Rodman's affection for nutball dictators, Jesse Jackson has weighed in on the situation and said on Twitter; “It must be dark but you are a light!”  Jesse, if he is the 'light' we are in a heap of trouble!

I can't believe this part.  I actually agree with something Anderson Cooper said.  CNN host Anderson Cooper said the former NBA player is “deeply stupid.”