DeRIDDER, La. (AP) — Planning is underway for an event to mark the centennial of the Grabow Riot, a violent exchange between the timber industry and union members near the former sawmill town west of DeRidder on July 7, 1912.

The event, sponsored by the Friends of the DeRidder Army Air Base and the city of DeRidder, will be July 7 at the Beauregard Regional Airport in DeRidder.

The Times ( ) reports organizers are gathering stories and photographs for the event. People with items to share should contact Sharon Hyde-Beltz via e-mail at sharon(at)

The Grabow Riot was a brief shoot-out between strikers from the Brotherhood of Timber Workers and Galloway Lumber Company officials and employees. Four men died from injuries sustained in the riot and more than 40 people were injured.